Our Story

Bitcoin’s creation in 2008 brought disruption to money and payments. Value could now be transferred via a global and decentralized ledger.

In 2014, Ethereum went one step further and proposed a global virtual machine running on a blockchain. A simple analogy: if bitcoin is a calculator, Ethereum is a world computer.

If you look past the recent stories of speculation and ICO hype, there’s an ecosystem being built that will power the third iteration of the internet. This is the Web 3 vision of a decentralized web: you own your data, your privacy is maintained, rent-seeking middlemen have less power and money is a native feature of the internet.

What We Do

At Ether Capital, our team is comprised of professionals from (i) traditional financial markets, (ii) venture capital, and (iii) crypto-native projects. We are all passionate about and dedicated to the Ethereum and Web 3 movement. We provide the experience, expertise and the access to this groundbreaking technology.

Ether Capital’s business model is focused on asset management, technology development and ancillary blockchain services. Our investment thesis revolves around the key pieces of infrastructure that will pave the way for mass use and adoption of Ethereum and Web 3 platforms.

Welcome to the decentralized future! Learn more in our INVESTOR RELATIONS section and read our INVESTMENT THESIS.

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