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Investing with Ether Capital

We connect the best technical innovations from the Ethereum ecosystem to the the financial industry.


Invest in Ether

Immediately differentiates the company as a key industry participant with substantial holdings in the sector.

Acquire and integrate blockchain businesses

Strategic acquisitions in Ethereum based businesses while leveraging a large pool of Ether to fuel their growth.

Experienced board and advisory team

Led by a highly respected and diverse group of individuals and early coinbase
investors from the finance, investment and technology / blockchain sectors.

Access to opportunities

Experienced and well-connected team members affiliated with OMERS, VersionOne, Purpose Investments and L4, will provide access to a unique flow of research and investment opportunities.

Investing in 'Web 3.0'

Ethereum is set to become the backbone of ‘Web 3.0', a new and more decentralized version of the internet. Owning Ether itself is the equivalent of owning the building blocks of the new web.

Transparency, liquidity, and security

Proposed publicly traded structure will provide liquidity and transparency not presently available to investors wanting to invest in Ether or Ethereum opportunities.

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Ether Capital Investor Presentation - April 18, 2018

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