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Our podcast explores what's new in the world of cryptocurrency
and blockchain. We explain things in plain English for those new
to the space - no prior knowledge necessary! We'll not only tackle
the 'what' but also the 'why'.

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Recent Issues

Issue #37 - US Bitcoin ETF and All Time Highs
Issue #36 - Regulating Crypto with SEC
Issue #35 - Ethereum's $6 Trillion, SocGen/MakerDAO and US Banks
Issue #34 - China's Crypto Ban and Visa
Issue #33 - DeFi In the Economist, Tough Talk from Regulators
Issue #32 - $100 Million per Week, NFT Growth and Weekly News!
Issue #31 - US Senate Goes Head-to-Head With Crypto
Issue #30 - Ethereum's Monster Upgrade and ETH Burns (in a good way!)
Issue #29 - Ethereum settles $2.5 Trillion, US Fed on Crypto
Issue #28 - ETH vs. PayPal, Maker vs. Lending Club
Issue #27 - China & Crypto Demographics 
Issue #26 - Ethereum Milestones
Issue #25 - El Salvador Makes BTC Legal Tender
Issue #24 - Goldman Sachs' About-Face on Crypto and Weekly News
Issue #23 - ETH Volumes Surpass BTC, Ethereum's Q1 Report
Issue #22 - Elon Musk, ETH as Ultrasound Money and New Podcast
Issue #21 - Ethereum Settles $1.5 Trillion, EU Bonds on Ethereum
Issue #20 - Coinbase Goes Public
Issue #19 - Visa uses Ethereum, SNL does NFTs
Issue #18 - What is an NFT, Ethereum Settles Trillions
Issue #17 - World's First Bitcoin ETF & Smart Contract Usage on Ethereum
Issue #16 - Tesla Adds Bitcoin, Mastercard Embraces Crypto
Issue #15 - Robinhood, DEXs, Visa, PayPal
Issue #14 - Gamestop, Reddit, Year in Ethereum
Issue #13 - ETH All Time High and Crypto Societies
Issue #12 - The Bitcoin Dream & Self Driving Banks
Issue #11 - Crypto Hits 1 Trillion, OCC Ruling, New Podcasts!
Issue #10 - Year in Review - Top 5 2020 Highlights
Issue #09 - Visa Crypto, Q&A Webinar
Issue #08 - Blockchain Usage, Ethereum 2.0 Launch, Q&A Webinar!
Issue #07 - Price Volatility, Ethereum 2.0 Launch
Issue #06 - JPM Coin, Dai at a Billion, New Podcast!
Issue #05 - US Election on Ethereum, Webinar Replay and More!
Issue #04 - US Bank Regulator on DeFi, Ethereum as a Toll Road
Issue #03 - PayPal, $1 Trillion on Ethereum!
Issue #02 - Why Crypto, Why Now? Plus New Podcast!
Issue #01 - Newsletter Launch!


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