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We connect the best technical innovations from the Ethereum ecosystem to the financial industry.

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Who we are

Ether Capital has been established to provide shareholders with an opportunity to invest in the revolutionary Ethereum technology.


Ethereum elevates the original Bitcoin architecture around a distributed ledger into something much more powerful: a distributed world computer. We believe the future of the financial industry, among many other industries, will be dramatically impacted by this technology.

Our philosophy is to embrace the change it will bring through a rigorous understanding of the technical details underpinning its progress, and a deep understanding of the financial industry today.

Ether Capital

Aims to create accretive value by building a true business benefiting from a pool of publicly traded permanent capital to focus on two disciplined objectives:

Provide the financial industry with exposure to a first-of-its-kind holding of Ether, the underlying cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain.

Provide connections for top developers with the financial industry and invest in entrepreneurs building companies using Ethereum.

Leadership Team

Led by a highly respected group of individuals from both the finance, investment and technology / blockchain sectors.

Som Seif
Co-Chief Investment Officer & Executive Chairman
Founder & CEO of Purpose Investments
Michael H. Conn
Chief Executive Officer & Director
Founder & Managing Partner of Quail Creek Partners
Ben Roberts
Co-Chief Investment Officer & Director
Co-Founder & CEO of Citizen Hex
Boris Wertz
Lead Independent Director
Founding partner of VersionOne
Liam Horne
Co-Founder of L4
John Ruffolo
CEO of OMERS Ventures
Joey Krug
Co-Founder of Augur
Colleen McMorrow
Corporate Director at Exco Technologies
Cam di Prata
Founder and Managing Partner of Gibraltar & Co.

Investing with Ether Capital

Our team is focused on how the global economy will be affected by the advent of cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and scalable blockchain technology. We have the deepest possible understanding of both traditional financial markets and the technology that enables Ethereum to exist, and build out strategies that benefit the Ethereum ecosystem by connecting it to the financial industry.

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